Alphabet Test Questions (2024)

The alphabet exam consists of a set of English letters. It is a test in which you must solve issues using the letters of the English alphabet. This page discusses the Alphabet Test problems that appear in the reasoning portion of different competitive exams such asCAT, MAT, other MBA entrance exams,IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, Placement Aptitude, IBPS PO, SBI PO, NICL AO, LIC AAO, SBI Associate Clerk, SBI Associate PO, and others.


One of the simplest and most fundamental topics in the General Mental Ability Segment of Reasoning is the alphabet test. Students are required to locate an alphabet or a word based on several forms of arrangement in this type of inquiry. You will study several types of alphabet arrangements here, such as arranging words in alphabetical order, puzzles based on letter-word, alphabetical quizzes, and new word formation, among others.

The Alphabet Test is a part of the Verbal Reasoning Section and is considered very crucial in Banking and SSC Exams. Students are required to locate an alphabet or a word based on several forms of arrangement in this type of inquiry.

Alphabet Test in Mental Ability

The alphabet test is one of the most basic and basic themes in the General Mental Ability Segment of Reasoning. In this style of inquiry, students must discover an alphabet or a word using various ways of organisation.

Some examples

Ex.1. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z .

Which letter is the eighth letter to the right of the letter and which is the tenth letter to the left of the alphabet’s last but one letter?

A) X

B) W

C) I

D) H

Solution: option B.

The last but one letter of the alphabet is Y in the given alphabet.

O is the tenth letter to the left of Y. W is the eighth letter to the right of O.

Ex.2. How many pairs of letters in the word “CASTRAPHONE” have the same number of letters between them as there are letters in the alphabet?

A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

D) 6

Solution: option D.

There are six such pairs in the alphabets: ON, HONE, ST, TRAPHO, TRAPHON, and RAP.

  1. ON – NO
  2. EFGH – HONE
  3. ST – ST
  6. RAP – PQR

Ex.3. Sort these words into alphabetical order and mark the last one.

  1. Abandon 2. Actuate 3. Accumulate 4. Accept 5. Accomplish.

A) Actuate

B) Accumulate

C) Acquit

D) Achieve

Solution: Option A .

The first letters are extremely common. B, c, c, c, c The last word is one of the four that contains the letter c. Let’s look at the third letters: t, c, q, and h. Obviously, it is the final. As a result, Actuate is the final word.

Alphabet Test Reasoning

Almost every competitive examination includes questions on alphabet reasoning in the reasoning part. Questions about the placements of English alphabets are asked in this topic. From the standpoint of the exam, this issue is critical. As a result, you’ll need to memorize the alphabet’s places so that you can answer any inquiry about this subject. Let’s look at a few different sorts of alphabet reasoning.

Types of Alphabet Test

We now know what an Alphabet Test reasoning part entails. Let’s take a look at each form of the Alphabet Test one by one.

Number Series (Group Based)

The first type of Number Series is when a set of numbers is given and several operations such as addition, multiplication, digit interchanging, and so on must be done on them.

Alphabet Series (Group Based)

A group of alphabets will be given in this sort of Series, and many operations on them will be required, such as arranging them in dictionary or reverse dictionary order, interchanging alphabets, and so on.

Mixed Series

Mixed Series entails a certain arrangement of numbers, characters, and symbols. Below are some examples of Mixed Series.

Simple Series

Simple Series questions will simply have questions based on positions. In these types of queries, there will be no need to execute any processes.

Operation Based Series

To acquire the desired result in this sort of mixed series, applicants must perform a few procedures as specified in the question. Later in this article, examples of this type of mixed series are presented.

Creating New Words

Candidates will be given a few letters in this sort of Alphabet Test reasoning section, and they must determine if the given letters form a meaningful word or not. If there are meaningful words available or that can be made using the provided letters, queries like how many meaningful words can be formed at any particular place can be posed.

Position of Letters and Numbers in a Word

In this sort of question, applicants must locate pairs of letters or digits in the English Alphabetical Series and Number Sequence that have as many letters or digits between them as there are words or numbers between them.

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Alphabetical reasoning questions may be included in nearly every competitive examination’s reasoning portion. Because of this, you’ll need to know the letters’ placements to answer all the questions. In this article, we talked about what is the Alphabetical Series in reasoning, alphabetical series questions and the key aspects of Letter and Symbol Series examples.

Alphabet Test Questions (2024)


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