Best Ways to Counter Wizard | Clash Royale Guides (2024)

Best Ways to Counter Wizard | Clash Royale Guides (1)

Best Ways to Counter Wizard

Hey guys today I’m going to show you how to counter the Wizard in Clash Royale properly. Wizard is one of the most popular cards in game but I have founds lots of players who don’t know how to counter him in the correct way. Also, thanks Orange Juice for the great example video!

Best Ways to Counter Wizard | Clash Royale Guides (2)

How to Counter Wizard

Small note: Wizard has 5.5 attack range and deals splash damage.

It seems pretty hard to counter Wizard but it’s truly very easy If you follow my tips below.

  • If you have Fireball and the opponent drops Wizard behind his Tower, just Fireball it! Of course you should make sure your opponent doesn’t have more Elixir than you otherwise you can’t defend against sneak push. (Fun fact: As long as your Fireball is higher level than the Wizard, you can 1 shot it).
  • People usually play wizard behind a tanker such as Giant or Golem, wait until they pass across your arena then place a heavy hitter right on the top of the Wizard (Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Dark Prince,…).
  • Can Swarms counter Wizard? Yes, I usually use this trick but you should do it properly. Place your swarm right on top of the Wizard and they will surround it, not too early and not too late. It takes time to do this properly but it works perfectly and will save a lot of Elixir for you! (Don’t try this against Bomber).
    Best Ways to Counter Wizard | Clash Royale Guides (3)
  • Barbarians can counter Wizard perfectly and also give you a perfect start for the upcoming counter push. Don’t place them too far from the Wizard otherwise they even can’t deal a single damage. If you drop your Barbarians just 1 second early, they will take down the Wizard but also take a lot of damage and the opponent’s tower can pick them off. The perfect way to deal with Wizard is to drop your Barbarians right onto Wizard and the Wizard can damage only 1 Barbarian.
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  • If the Wizard is targeting your Tower, don’t place your troops behind that Tower as Wizard deals splash damage and he will take down your troops. The best choice is to either place your troops behind him or in the middle If you use ranged troops.


Okay thanks for reading guys! I hope you found these tips helpful! Just don’t forget to share this page with your friends lol. You rock!

Best Ways to Counter Wizard | Clash Royale Guides (2024)


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