Brain Checkup (2024)

Brain Checkup is the first room in the Edgewood Mansion room pack.


Walk towards the couch, grab the Newspapers and move some pillows to find the Key. Now go to the corner left from the window and you will see 3 watches. Use the newspapers as a clue and put them in make put them in the correct positions as shown in the picture below. A compartment will open, grab the IQ Test.

Head to the cabinet and grab all the red-covered Books. Use the key to open both cabinets on the bottom and grab the books there as well. Now to get the password on the drawer to the right you need to solve the IQ test and put the right numbers in the right order which is: 2323. Grab the Phrenology Book.

For the next drawer, look at the red-covered books, open them and you will see 2 books with 4 books drawings inside and 2 books with 7. Look at the back of the books and place them in the right order which is: 4477. Grab both of the Rorschach Test.

Grab the Rorschach Test left in the cabinet as well as the Phrenology Head. Look close into the tests and you will find numbers disguised in there and a order of 1/3 2/3 3/3. Remove the painting of the man on the wall and put the right sequence in the safe box keypad. 295. Pick up the Note

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Now for the Phrenology Head, Look at the note you just picked up and the phrenology book for clues. You need to press the right numbers which are: 6359. A Compartment will open, grab the key and exit the room.

Note: All credits for the walkthrough go to Neoseeker.


There are eight tokens that can be found in this level:

  • Inside the hat.
  • Inside the ink bottle.
  • Once you get the key from the pendulum lock, below the yellow compartment. Crouch to get the right angle.
  • On the middle of the chandelier hanging from the roof.
  • In the pot with the green plant on the corner of the room.
  • Top left side of the door you use to leave the room.
  • Close to the window, below the flower pot.
  • Inside the safe.


To speedrun this room, try to do all of the things below as soon as possible:°Pick up the Pyramidion Part on the floor.

  • Grab the Phrenology Head and press 6359. Grab the key and exit the room.


Brain Checkup (1)

Brain Checkup (2024)


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